Happy New Year Everyone!!

We have some really big things coming up for us in 2007, and the first is a show at CANDYS APARTMENT in Kings Cross on Thursday 8th February.

More details very soon x
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THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CAME TO OUR SHOW ON SATURDAY NIGHT..and hung around afterwards to drink far too much alcohol

Pics like these.. are now up in our forums at www.switchdolls.com

Over the summer we will be throwing ourselves into our next recording project, which is going to be HUGE! We have the blessings of some AMAZING People who will be working on this with us (and some ever so lucky $$ help)

So we will see everyone again early (hopefully) next year with some more FUN shows and a brand new recording!!

Considering Switch Dolls played our very first ever show in January, its safe to say this has been a pretty big year :)

Best Wishes, Kisses, Beers and Happy Holidays x
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Last Show For 2006!

After Such a BIG Year, we have our last show for 2006 in just over a week!

Its on SATURDAY 9th DECEMBER....The Liquid Buzz 1st Anniversary Party @ The Agincourt Hotel in Sydney (opposite Railway Square)
we are playing with NATIONAL PORNOGRAPHIC (!!!!!!!!!) & Kinnetic Assassins (MM9 Drummer)

Its only $10 and We Are Onstage at 10PM

Come and Party with us!xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Next Show

Our next show will be at the Liquid Buzz 1st Anniversary Party on


We will be onstage at 10pm,

Also playing on the night will be

National Pornographic & Kinnetic Assassins

Door Charge is only $10..Its going to be a HUGE NIGHT!!!!!!!!


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Thanks to everyone who came to Candys on Friday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On FRIDAY THE 13TH (!!) of October we will be playing at the Agincourt Hotel (Club Blink) on George Street in Sydney

More details very soon

P.S. This will also be Emmies birthday so it will be a HUGE night!!
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Next Show

Hey Guys,

Our next show will be at CANDYS APARTMENT

on FRIDAY the 15TH of SEPTEMBER!!!

This is going to be a HUGE SHOW Yes Yes :)

more details soon

xxxxx Switchdolls

P.S. Dont forget to visit our forums www.switchdolls.com


Thanks to everyone how came to our show at The Lair! Such a wonderful night!

Photos of us onstage, aswell photos of our friends and fans are on our
FORUMS -> www.switchdolls.com